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BTM Global increases the chance that your conference or seminar will achieve its goals. 

Our attention to all important details: location selection, special effects, audio-visual effects, decor, design, 3D technology, live streaming and thousands of other small details, ensures that you can focus on what is important to you and your business.

Throughout the event, our team is available to advise and keep you up to date, managing every detail from start to finish.


From start to finish, producing an animated video is a complex process where every step requires attention to detail. If one step is missing, the final animated video may not deliver the results you expect. Honestly, it's amazing how animated videos can help your business stand out. If you want to create one for your company, we will help. 


We are happy to meet your requirements! No query is too big, no work is inaccessible and no event location is inaccessible. Our service is truly without limits and of course comes with the practical and impeccable commitment of our team. That's what we're known for.


Every video starts with a good concept. We will shape your story and idea by thoroughly researching and brainstorming the script, then crafting it to visualize it for you. Our designers will help you put your every wish into the shooting book, while our producers will make sure you have every necessary prop and all the shooting permits when you want us to start shooting.



Event production takes the event to the next level. Event production focuses on the live stage presentation of the event. Working with scriptwriters, audio visual effects crew and equipment suppliers, our event production team produces and delivers amazing live event ideas.


Events in our organization.

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